Had such an enjoyable evening out at Chukker Farms for an outdoor concert with six amazing singer/songwriters backed by an amazing band. Our wonderful, gifted and talented friend, James Casto, (Home by Dark Productions,) has concerts there the first weekend of every month through October.
The format is writers in the round where they take turns telling how and why they wrote the song they’re about to perform. You can bring along dinner, a picnic, or just come for the concert.
And you never know who you might see at these events. Tonight, I ran into JoAnne Smith an old friend and fellow choir member at RSBC and met her new hubby. Then ran into Jerome Olds (one of the singin-est white children on planet earth) and his wife Frita. And my long time buddy, Carole Ford ( amazing voice and keyboard player) and her sister, Vanessa, were two of the performers. What a great surprise!
The surroundings of the horse farm is stunning! Nothing like listening to stellar music as the sun sets. It’s a breathtaking event! James and friends perform often. Check out his schedule www.homebydark.com