October 27, 2012 seems like two seconds ago. And here we are four years later. Happy 4th anniversary, man of my dreams!

I love you so much, am so grateful we found each other and that we’ve been given the gift of this great adventure of doing life together. You are such a blessing on so many levels. You have shown me what it is to love through good, bad, tough and sad times. Especially this year, you have been my rock! Thank you for being my soft place to fall and for driving me to all of my chemo and radiation appointments. And for being so cheery about it.

You make me laugh every day and yes I am posting this, you always cry with me at movies, watching people we’ve never met joyfully reunite at the airport or when we have to say goodbye to our grands. I love that you have such a tender heart. You are my velvet hammer- tough but tender.

I am ecstatic that you came with extra baggage;-)… that would be, my three wonderful children without labors pains, their amazing spouses and my incredible eleven grands. Who is happier than, ME?
We’ve made a lot of beautiful memories these four years. And I look forward to many more years of doing the same. I love you, honey!!! xoxox, Your wife

P.S. For anyone interested in hearing the song Babbie Mason and I cowrote as my wedding gift to Jim which he did not know about nor did he hear until it was performed during our ceremony, go to www.donnadhere.com click on music/ then contemporary Christian and scroll down to, “This Heart of Mine is Yours.” It was as really sweet moment and I plan on playing it at breakfast and dancing to it with him!;-)