Just learned that gospel music great, Andre Crouch has died. One of my first prayers upon becoming a Jesus follower and wanting to write Jesus music was that I could write things that moved people like what Andre Crouch writes.( not asking for much, huh?;-)

Years after that prayer, I flew to LA on business and my friend, Lynn Barrington, insisted on taking me to a party. Not really being a party person, I resisted. But she won and off we went. She wouldn’t tell me whose party, but when we walked in the door, Andre Crouch was sitting at a grand piano singing many of the songs I had loved in my early walk with Christ… Through it All, The Blood Will Never Lose It’sPower, To God Be the Glory, etc. We had come to his home to celebrate his and twin sister, ( his womb mate he called her) Sandra’s birthday. I peered at him through the opened piano top and informed him that he was so fortunate that I didn’t jump through the piano and bite his cheeks off of his face! What an amazing treat!

On a return trip some months later, he invited me to come to his church. I did and after the service he invited me to come to his house for dinner. After dinner, we sat together at his piano and wrote a song called, ” When You First Learn How to Fly.” What a thrill that was for this young songwriter to have the opportunity to write with a legend, truly gospel royalty. I still have that old cassette tape of our writing session. He is singing the tune on tape. I still treasure it and the experience.

Rest in peace, Andre. I know when you arrived you were met by the Jesus you wrote about and sung about your entire life. And I know you heard the words we all hope to hear when we land…” Well done, my good and faithful servant.” See you on the other side, my generous, sweet and gifted brother! And now you know how it feels, when you first learn how to fly! Big hugs, D