I’ve been in bed all week with the crud… fever, bad cough, sore throat, no energy.

Today, Jim met Jaimee just as she picked up the kids from school to pass off some mail to her. Azaan, our eight year old, asked Jim where Grammy was? Jim said, “Grammy’s been sick all week.” Azaan said, ” What’s wrong with her?” Jim told him my list of ailments.

Jim said that Azaan got the most horrified look on his face and then said in a stern and scolding sort of way to his grandfather…” What are you doing here? You should be home taking care of Grammy!”

Is that the sweetest thing ever? Concerned about his Grammy. What a tender heart God has placed on the inside of this little guy. I just love it! BTW- Jim left and immediately headed home. He said he was afraid not to!;-)