Our 8 year old grandson, Azaan made the honor roll and got an award for his many A’s! He is the first in his family to make the honor roll. He worked very hard this year to excel in reading, writing paragraphs, is #1 in his class in math and will be successfully and officially promoted to the 3rd grade! We are so proud of him that we felt a celebration was in order.

So, we picked him up early from school, gave him a congratulations card and then took him to Walmart. As we walked through the store, we teased him by pointing to things like straws, blenders, towels, storage units and saying, We’re getting you THAT for your surprise! He giggled his way to where we were really headed and when we were a few aisles away, we made him cover his eyes. And then, after all of the suspense, we unveiled his surprise…something he as talked about for months… an electric dirt bike!

Not sure who got more joy out of the event, Azaan, Jim or me! But, that adorable toothless smile seems permanently affixed.There’s just nothing better than being a grandparent- it’s 11:00 pm and our smiles are still permanently affixed, too!;-) Nothin’ but a perpetual love fest! Big hugs, D