Book Reviews

“Donna D does more than gently charm you with good writing. She causes you to consider that you have the power to be a change-maker.  Make Lemonade is a book of fiction that could be the cure to all social injustice in the world. It is a book of reflection that causes the reader to come back into the reality that all humanity needs is someone to care. Could that someone be you?”

Bishop Rick Thomas
Abundant Life Christian Center
Margate, Florida

“Make Lemonade uncovers an uncomfortable dilemma in our society. It is easy for many prosperous adults to turn a blind eye to the reality of displaced and suffering children.  This story mirrors that of many whose hearts have softened to the plight of the most vulnerable members of our society.  I pray it will open many eyes and hearts to the children.”

Mary Perdue
Former First Lady of Georgia/Wife of Governor Sonny Perdue

“Our lives are a tapestry. Most of the time we see the underside- the knots and broken ends, a myriad of seemingly unrelated pieces. Yet sometimes we see a glimpse on top and things start to make sense. An intricately designed masterpiece is being woven for each of us. Donna D captures the marvel of the tapestry with her marvelous story telling in this book, Make Lemonade. As the mother of three precious gifts from God through adoption, I highly recommend you read the book and anything else Donna D writes.”

Jennifer Kemp Andrews
(Daughter of Congressman Jack Kemp, GOP Vice Presidential Nominee)

“Make Lemonade is a sweet tale of a sophisticated, self-centered millionaire whose selfish ambitions lands her in a precarious brush with reality.  Her disdain for children and the elderly suddenly changes as she encounters an unsuspecting ordeal that gives her a true taste of love in the most unusual way.  This charming story will inspire and captivate you from beginning to end.”

Eric Lige
Singer/ Songwriter/ Vocal Coach/ Producer
Worship Leader

“Make Lemonade has been a labor of love for Donna D.  Every element, including the up close and personal encounter with the foster care and adoption system, is purposed with her ever-present love for the wee ones. Make Lemonade will make you laugh and make you cry, but most importantly it will touch your heart.”

Michele Clark Jenkins
Author & Co-Founder, Sisters in Faith

“Only someone who knows first-hand how to make lemonade out of lemons could write such a beautiful story of love and redemption, and do it with both heart and humor. Do yourself a favor and read this book. Donna D can tell a story like nobody I know.”

Kimberley Kennedy
News Anchor/ ABC
Speaker/ Author of ‘Left at the Alter’

“Make Lemonade details the life interrupted of self- made millionaire, music mogul, Casey Alliston. Donna D’s characters are complex, real and raw and the storyline is peppered with equal parts of tenderness and humor. With all of its twists and turns, you’ll feel like you’re riding shotgun on this road trip to redemption. I would read anything she writes.”

Jan Smith (Mama Jan)
Producer/ writer/ singer/ vocal coach
Speaker/ author of  ‘Run the Other Way’

“Through the heartwarming and magnetic story of ‘Make Lemonade’ you’ll be inspired to turn your obstacles into stepping-stones and your pain into gain.”

Dr. Helen Delaney
International Speaker
Chaplin for American Caribbean Experience Ministry
Co-contributor for Sisters in Faith Holy Bible

“Donna D is a homespun real-life storyteller. The characters in ‘Make Lemonade’ step out of each page to move your own heart and leave you thirsty for more.  This would make a wonderful must see family television series or movie!

Dorothy Ellington (Donna D’s 4th grade teacher, friend and prayer partner)

“Casey Alliston had it all until her aggressive attitude causes unexpected problems and her life seems to be crumbling.  Two hundred hours of community service reveals a vulnerability she was not aware of. Her story is told sensitivity and sensibility insisting even midst life’s most difficult challenges ‘the happy ending’ is still a possibility.”

Joseph Litsch
Emmy- Award winning set decorator
Contributor/ Hallmark Hall of Fame Museum

“A bright, refreshing and poignant story of the power of love, Make Lemonade reminds us of how life’s most painful situations can turn out to be the sweetest of all when love is in the mix. Taking the bitter with the sweet is often the best recipe for helping us to open our hearts to love and forgiveness—to put the past behind us and embrace what lies ahead. No one knows this better than Donna D, my dear friend and one of the finest writers I know. She has a way of writing the story of all of our lives.”

Babbie Mason
Award-winning Singer-Songwriter and Author