Tomorrow seeing the radiologist to determine when I start treatments. Learned that for the chemo I have to have two surgical procedures one to insert the port and the other to remove it once chemo is completed. I didn’t know about that. I thought it was simply done intravenously.

I had a hard time with this news. It seems I get my mind around having cancer for the third time, strap on my mega faith, get my bearings and what we’re going to do about it only to find that I’m right in the middle of the voiceover of an infomercial… but wait… there’s more!

Gotta admit some anger and tears over this news and the added layer of yet another delay in getting underway. How did I deal? I got a glass of tea, rode around the lake, prayed and praised at the top of my lungs! Got a couple calls and texts from dear friends during the warfare. What a blessing to be surrounded by their strength! I’m grateful! Upward and onward. Let’s do this! Big hugs, D