Hi Kids,

Well after writing songs that have been heard on radio and sung all over the world in many different languages, my long time friend, Babbie Mason and I have a 15 minute radio show titled, Cantaloupe Cafe. The name comes from the fact that 35 years ago, we met while standing before a huge mound of melons, thumping and smelling (you know the routine) to find the coolest, sweetest one. We struck up a conversation that hasn’t stopped yet. We’ve done a lot of business together, but more importantly we’ve done a lot of life together.

It’s chilling to realize that before God hug the first star He knew of us  and that He would cause our lives to intersect over a mound of cantaloupe. My life is richer because Babbie’s been in it. What a great, big God!

You can check us out every Saturday afternoon at 2pm Eastern on internet radio at www.babbiemasonradio.com for Cantaloupe Cafe. Just put the address in your browser and when you pull it up, click on listen live and it will launch the station. Hope you can join us sometime!