Got to take Azaan (8 yrs old and missing a front tooth;-) to the dentist this morning. We were in thick traffic so had a couple hours of chat time enroute, which Grammy always enjoys immensely!
Conversations with Grammy:
Grammy: What did you do on your camping trip this weekend?
Azaan: I chopped wood. We hiked and I climbed on some rocks.
Grammy: Well I’ve seen you rock climb at Lifetime. You look like
Spiderman Junior you go so high! ( He grins proudly)
You chopped wood? Wow! I didn’t know you were old enough to
chop wood? ( He smiles and nods affirmatively.)
Grammy: How do you use the wood?
Azaan: We keep warm with a fire and cook hot dogs and marshmallows.
Grammy: Did you get to go kayaking?
Azaan: No, we couldn’t kayak cuz the river was broke! (rocks and drop offs;-)
Grammy: Well how’s school going?
Azaan: Oh, great!
Grammy: What’s your favorite part?
Azaan: Math and Science and Social Studies.
Grammy: What about English?
Azaan: Oh yeah, I like paragraphs!
Grammy: How are your three bestie guy friends?
Azaan: They are all good.
Grammy: Do you have any girlfriends?
Azaan: No, I’m no allowed to have any until I’m in 5th grade.
Grammy: Well that’s not that far away. Do you have any idea what kind of girl you’ll be looking for, like should she be smart, or cute or what?
Azaan: Yes, I want her to be smart and pretty, not be mean and not talk too much.

Best part of my day! Happy Grammy;-)