Today we celebrated Jim (September 24) and Merry’s (September 16) birthday. Because Merry and Dean are now traveling together and out of town during the week with Dean’s job, we put this celebration on the calendar about a month ago. Dean wanted to cook a special dinner for Jim and Merry that we would have after church at 2pm.

Jim and I went to church, came home for a minute, took a spin around the lake and headed to Dean and Merry’s in Woodstock. We pulled up in their driveway at about 1:50pm. At exactly the moment we got there, Merry called me. I was guessing she may want me to stall Jim for a minute because maybe she was not quite finished blowing up balloons and hanging streamers. But, I guessed wrong!;-)

Here’s how the conversation went:
D: Hello?

Merry: Hi, just letting you know we are running a bit late. We should be there in a minute.

D: No worries. Do you want us to wait in the car or go on inside?
(which now that I know the end of the story must have seemed like a bizarre question!)

Merry: After a slight hesitation she said, no, just go on inside.
D: I said ok, well we just pulled up at your house. Take your time.

Merry: You’re at MY house?

D: Yes. We just got here.

Merry: Oh… well, we’re headed to YOUR house! We were planning on cooking for you there!

(A lot of laughter ensued, we hung up and headed back to our house)

Merry and I decided to make a new Walchle World tradition: For Thanksgiving and Christmas we’re going to let everyone know the time we’re eating but they have to guess where!;-)

Dean, Merry, Jon, Katie, Alex, Jessica, Springer, Laura and Coen were all there to greet us when we got back to our house! We had assorted cheeses and crackers as an ap. Dean made Chateaubriand on the grill, Springer and Laura made mashed potatoes, and the vegetable was baked garlic asparagus with romano cheese and grape tomatoes. For dessert what else? Birthday cake! The meal was incredible. Thank you, Dean for such a generous and delicious idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a wonderful way to honor Jim and Merry! Getting to be with family any time for any reason is always the best part of any day, but getting to celebrate two of God’s best and most beautiful creations, made it even more special! Happy birthday, to my wonderful husband and my amazing daughter! So blessed!

Big hugs,