Conversation with Grammy:
Zain: Grammy, Azaan and I got lost.
Grammy: What? How did that happen?
Zain: Well, Ameenah took us to the bathroom and when we came out
she wasn’t there. So we just started walking. And we walked and walked for a long time but we still couldn’t find Mom.
Grammy: Oh, my. That must have really been scary!
Zain:(expressive brown eyes big as the moon) It was VERY scary. But then we saw Ameenah. She told us just to follow her and she knew how to get us back to mom.
Grammy: And did she?
Zain: Yes. It was a long walk but she got us back to mom and then we weren’t lost anymore.
Grammy: Wow, I’m so glad everything turned out ok. Were you camping when this happened?
Zain: No, we were at Kohl’s.