Conversation with Grammy and Zain (3 years old):
Grammy: How are your mom and your brothers and sister doing?
Zain: Humza got in trouble last night.
Grammy: He did? What’d he do?
Zain: He was mean to Azaan.
Grammy: He was? What happened to him for being mean?
Zain: He had to go to his room.
Grammy: Have you ever had to go to your room?
Zain: Yes. 
Grammy: Why’d you have to go to your room?
Zain: I accidentally bite-ed Azaan.
Grammy: Really? How did that happen?
Zain: We were coming down the stairs and his knuckles came in my mouth.
Grammy: You were just minding your own business and his knuckles just jumped into your mouth, huh? (he nods affirmatively) And you had to go to your room? (Again, he nods affirmatively.) Well what goes on when you’re in your room?
Zain: You have to go in there and learn your lesson.
Grammy: How long does that take?
Zain: (He shrugs his shoulders)
Grammy: But, sooner or later you get to come out again?
Zain: When you tell mom you learn your lesson you can come out.