Squeaky clean after his bath and Zain ( 5 yrs old) having a conversation with Grammy:
Zain: Grammy do you have rules in your house?
Grammy: Of course.
Zain: What are your rules?
Grammy: Only eat food at the table or breakfast bar. Don’t jump on the furniture. Don’t run in the kitchen. If you take it out, put it up.
Zain: What does if you take it out put it up mean?
Grammy: Well, if you take out a toy and play with it, when you’re finished playing, put it away. Or if you use a towel to dry off after your bath, hang it up.
Zain: Ohhhhhh. (after several moments of quiet contemplation) I know one of your rules!
Grammy: What’s that?
Zain: Don’t shoot the bebe gun inside the house!