Early morning conversation with my husband:
Jim: Good morning, Beautiful!
D: Good morning, Stevie Wonder.
( I have on no make up and thus no face and my hair looks like Rod Stewart Jr.) Let’s just say, love is blind!
I make our morning smoothies, we drink them down and hit the showers. We both come out dressed. I give him a kiss goodbye.
D: I’m headed to work out and then to pick up Ameenah for a Grammy Day.
Jim: I can see your flowery underwear under your white pants.
D: Oh, thanks for telling me- I was going to wear darker pants but then changed my mind and forgot about the sufficiently loud undies. I’ll go change. ( I change and return)
Jim: You’re good now.
D: Ok, thanks. And before you leave be sure and zip up your pants.
So this is couplehood. Had no idea.;-) Just sayin’. Big hugs, D