Grammy: How’s everyone doing today?

Zain(4yrs old) Humza got in trouble last night.

Grammy: Really? What’d he do?

Zain: He was mean.

Grammy: What happened to him?

Zain: He had to go to his room.

Grammy: Really. Have you ever had to go to your room?

Zain: Yes.

Grammy: What’d you do?

Zain: I accidentally bited Azaan.

Grammy: You did? How’d that happen.

Zain: We were coming down the stairs and his knuckles went in my mouth.

Grammy: No, really? That’s terrible. So then you had to go to your room?

(He nods his head affirmatively)

Grammy: Well, what happens in there when you go to your room?

Zain: You gotta learn your lesson.

Grammy: How long does that take?

( He shrugs his shoulders)

Grammy: But after a while you get to come out?

Zain: Yep! When Mom comes in and you tell her you learned your lesson, you get to come out.