Guess who’s 6 years old today? He’s cute, adorable, smart, curious, kind, loving and an excellent hugger. He likes ice cream, Batman, Spiderman, (in fact we tease him about being the REAL Batman or Spiderman;-) chocolate, the trampoline, his bike, swimming, video games and lunch and recess at Kindergarten. He plays soccer like a champion! And he’s an amazing artist and singer! He is always eager to help with anything you might ask of him and has the natural born, God-given gift of a servants’ heart!

He lights up my world with his smile, his questions and his conversations with Grammy. He loves for me to read to him and when I think we are finished, always wants me to read more. He acts and looks so much like Jim or vice versa, it’s scary!

Today, he is six years old. Happy Birthday, Zainey- Brainey! We love you and are so proud that you belong to us!

xoxo, Grammy and Dzia Dzia