Our kids and grands gave me a sweet birthday celebration tonight! I got a 4 ft Snoopy blow up dog for the yard. It’s supposed to be for Christmas, but anyone who is a Charlie Brown fan like me knows you can utilize this great gift all year round by simply changing Snoopy’s outfit or arm load. A simple pumpkin, a turkey, a sparkler, a Valentine… you get the picture, will adapt this awesome present to a permanent lawn display! I also got a card table and four chairs which will come in very handy when the 18 of us gather together for a holidays, birthdays or just because. (I’m hoping this was a hint that the fam would enjoy more frequent convening, which would make me ecstatic!) Jaimee made the best chocolate birthday cake I have ever eaten! Olivia frosted it. I believe that unexcelled baking talent is in the Walchle/Budzon DNA. And, I got some really touching cards. My heart is full. I am the richest woman on the block. Thank you family and thank You, great big God!