Today, my wonderful husband is celebrating his 67th birthday! And so, here is my tribute!

Jim is such a gift to my life! The sexiest thing about him is his love for the Lord! I treasure doing life with him and getting to serve the Lord as a team. Being loved by him has made me the richest woman on the block! I am so proud to be his wife!

My husband is a giver. He looks for ways to bless people. He freely offers his wisdom, advice, resources and encouragement to anyone needing it. He is faithful to serve others. He has a deeply imprinted impression engraved on his heart of how it is to struggle, to be alone and to feel hopeless. When he perceives someone in such a state, he puts his faith into action. He wants everyone to succeed by using their God –given gifts and talents. And he will invest his time to enhance the process. He is a sincere and caring man of substance and principle. I so admire that.

Without an example, mentor or role model, Jim has started and built several successful companies. Although he was homeless at 16, with God’s help, guidance and wisdom coupled with his sheer tenacity, he rose high above his impoverished beginnings, and has always been proud that he was able to provide shelter, food, clothing and opportunity for his family. In fact, he put all of his kids and some kids who were not his own though private schooling. What an inspiration he is!

He is extremely proud of Merry, Jaimee and Jonathan and his deepest prayer for all of them was that they be empowered and equipped to have a better life than he did. He admits that he has made many mistakes along the way and is far from perfect. But, his intentions were honorable and he did his best. I believe his prayers for his children were answered. As well, he is beyond crazy about all eleven of his grands. I think they are all pretty crazy about him, too! “Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. (Psalm 127: 4-5a)

He is handsome, a leader, well-respected, brilliant, kind, funny, inspiring, successful and a great kisser! He walks in the anointing and the favor of the Lord. I am so glad he was born. I am so happy he belongs to me! I celebrate him today and everyday. I love my man!

Happy birthday, honey!!! Get ready for your birthday adventure. Look for the map inside your card. See you later;-)


Your wife