Cancer news update: Laughter is good medicine! A couple of days ago, my anger and questions turned to sadness. I was really having a blue day. I didn’t want to bring down Jim, so when I felt the waterworks starting, I would slip out to our sunroom where I write, sob till my eyes looked like I had been on a binge or hadn’t slept in a week and my red nose rivaled Rudolphs’. Then I would come back into the living room.

I noticed that Jim kept coming in and out of his office. About the third time I was returning to the living room from the sunroom, at the exact same time, Jim was coming out of his office. We both went from staring at the floor to our eyes meeting similtaneously.

In that moment, we both noticed each others red, teary eyes and red noses and realized we were both having the same kind of day. We were both trying not to pull the other down. We burst out laughing to the point of crying until our sides hurt! Then when we finally composed ourselves, we walked toward each other and had a nice, long, warm and fuzzy hug.

I love God! He really does lighten our load! And I am so thankful that he blessed me with having the best, strongest, most loving, tender, supportive husband on the planet! Feeling loved!

Big hugs,