Babbie Mason and I have written many songs together, some Top 5 on radio, several sung on The Billy Graham Crusade, Hour Power, In Touch, 700 Club, Bill Gaither Homecoming events and even a couple performed at Carnegie Hall. Some of those tunes include God is Good All the Time, All In Favor, Pray On, In All of His Glory, Love Like That, So Grateful, The Only Hope, King Jesus is His Name (and He’ll Find a Way that I wrote and she sang.)

We have vacationed together, had slumber parties while enduring ice storms, and celebrated holidays where we wore sweats suits with no bras! We are truly sisters from another mother! We met in a very unusual way! Wanna guess?
1) At a Pig Latin as a second language class
2) Weighing in our overloaded suitcases at the airport
3) Standing in line to buy Carol King concert tickets
4) Fighting over the same blouse at a 50% off sale at Chico’s
5) Picking out a cantaloupe at the grocery
6) Taking glass blowing lessons at Stone Mountain
It’s all in here, the whole sorted tale! Check it out!…/…/ref=sr_1_1…