A little over 18 years ago, God blessed me in a ginormous way. I met my good

friend/ entertainment attorney/twin sista from anotha motha, Michele Clark

Jenkins, who at the time was pregnant with her youngest daughter, Kymi. For these

many years, I have loved and adored Michele, Kym and their three extraordinary

girls, Winnie, Abi and Kymi. I consider them to be my gift from God and we have

truly functioned as family all of this time. 

Through the years, they have brought me so much joy, my heart could never begin

to contain it! Yesterday, our little Kymi graduated from high school. She also

celebrated her 18th birthday this week. In just a few weeks she begins college.

WHEW! How times flies! So grateful I have been and continue to to be a part of this

beautiful family! What an incredible blessing it has been to my life. Congrats,

Kymi! So proud of you! What a great, big God! Big hugs, Donna D