Today, I’d like to shout out to the world what a wonderful husband God gave to me! My Jim! I’m sure you can imagine our last month… almost daily doctors appointments, specialists, tests, ultra sounds, CT scans, MRI’s, PET scans, waiting, wondering, questioning and trying by faith to make our way to that place called surrender.

Jim has read me like a book. He has hugged me often, kissed away my tears, made me laugh until I cried, listened, taken me for rides around the lake, gone to get me my Starbucks fix, given me nightly foot massages, prayed with me, taken communion with me and sat with me staring at the wall in complete silence. He has treated me like a queen, provided anything and everything I’ve needed and done it with such quiet, steady, calm and strength.

Many have asked me how he is doing. When I attempt to answer, I usually get all choked up because he has been beyond amazing. God gave me such a kind, loving, good, decent and godly man. I call him my velvet hammer, tough but tender. I love him so much that my heart could explode! I thought it needed to be said. He’s my hero! And, I’m the richest woman on the block! Feeling loved, grateful and fully blessed!

Big hugs, D