HAPPY 3RD ANNIVERSARY TO MY JIM! What a ride! He loves the Lord, is handsome, thoughtful, generous, kind and funny! I love being his wife and doing life together, some parts more than others;-) (inside joke for those who know about the craziness in our last year) But, God has faithfully ordered our steps, directed us with favor and wisdom and given us a deeper trust in His ability to bring about resolution and victory. We are grateful!

It has also been such a gift that my husband came with a bonus package of three grown children, their spouses and eleven grands. I treasure them all and thank them for making me feel loved, wanted, welcomed and like I’ve been here all along. When you marry you do marry the entire family. Wa-hoooooo! I am thrilled about that fact! ( Please enjoy some random pictures from the last three years.)

I‘m constantly amazed to think that before God ever hung the first star that it was planned with great intention that we would be chosen for this assignment together on planet earth. My prayer is that our marriage and our love for each other reflect His Love, His goodness and His grace. And may we strive to live out each moment of every day in a way that compels others to want to become Jesus followers. There’s nothing better in life! Amen. I love you, Honey!
Your wife

*** We’d be grateful for anyone reading this to say a prayer for us today on our anniversary, for our marriage, our family, all of our ministry opportunities and business endeavors, that we would be faithful to our calling, honor the Lord and expand the Kingdom of God all for His glory.*** Thank you!