A Place Called Sisterhood, 2016 was an extremely sweet and blessed event! The first night, after some great music and sharing about the importance of sisterhood, accountability and friendships that are raw and real, we sat out under the stars and attempted to calm our busy spirits and be still before the Lord. We jotted down things we were carrying that we needed to cast upon the Lord and threw them into a bond fire. We made s’mores, relaxed and talked.

Today, we had some anointed and powerful teaching! Mandi Allison spoke on, Who’s Your Daddy? Babbie Mason spoke on being, A Daughter of the Most High God and I talked about how, All Things Work Together for Good.

The music was amazing. The food prepared by Kimberly Hutchins and her sidekick, Billie was off the chain. My little ( to me she will always be little) cousin Katie, an ordained minister graciously agreed to lead us in communion. And Spence, an anointed pastor who we talked into sharing a short word with us, was kind enough to work our sound.
I believe that we all all drank from the river of His pleasure and fed on His faithfulness! What a great, big, faithful God! Thank you to all who took their time to come! Until next year… Big hugs, D