Speaking Reviews

“Her book is an extension of her faith and has been an inspiration as I began my walk with Christ.  You will smile and cry as you relate to these stories. What a gift!”

Holly Chute
Executive Chef for the Governor
Georgia Governor’s Mansion

“One of the first things I remember about Donna I. Douglas is her heart for people and for the Lord. She loves to make a personal connection with you, whether you are the barista at Starbucks or the governor of the state. Her genuine care for others shines through in the way she loves to share her faith and encourages others to know and love God just as she does. “

Dr. Julie Cross
Church of the Apostles
Author, “Personality Profiles”

“Her genuine faith, even in times of trial and the JOY she exhibits was such a powerful testimony!  She was funny and light-hearted, yet sincere and powerful in her witness — and can she ever sing!”

Sandra Ward, President
Mount Carmel Christian Church Women’s Ministries

“Her heartwarming, faith-filled God- stories may move you to nod with recognition and affirmation, shed a tear or two, or shout, Amen!”

Yolanda King, (daughter of Martin Luther King Jr.)

“Her stories are inspiring and remind us all that we are not alone and that God has a plan for our life, even if we don’t see it. She has a unique humor and authenticity that is a joy to watch – makes for a great night!

Wendy White, President
The Right Move, Inc.

 “Donna D is the real deal – solid gold. Recently, a new acquaintance said “too good to be true” but found out differently. She is the personification of unconditional love and encouragement and has the perfect recipe for turning lemons into lemonade.”

Paula Kinard
Director of The Living Vine Home for Unwed Mothers

 “Whether you are reading or listening to her God-stories, she will positively and profoundly inspire you.  She tells great stories, infused with humor and reality to remind us all of how life should really be lived!”

Dr. Helen Delaney
International Speaker, Chaplain for American Caribbean Experience Ministry, and co-contributor for “Sisters in Faith Holy Bible”

 “Donna D is a remarkable speaker who can bring you to the edge of your seat with life stories.  Her audience is laughing one moment and in tears the next.  Truly an inspiring woman whose blend of confidence and compassion deliver a unique and inspiring message!”

Katrina Campbell, Women’s Director at Liberty Church

“No one has ever called Donna D a stranger.  She makes an immediate connection with everyone that she comes in contact with and is known for her warmth and compassion. The message she delivers is powerful yet funny, direct yet heartwarming, and thought-provoking, yet so simple.”

Michele Clark Jenkins
Editor, “Sisters in Faith Holy Bible”

 “It was many years ago when I first laid eyes on this little blonde, nine- year- old, bundle of energy and creativity. But even then, I knew her future was bright and unlimited. And my instincts were correct.  God has used her books, songs and speaking ability to reach many people with the good news of Jesus Christ.

And all these years later, we are still friends and prayer partners!”

Dorothy Ellington
Donna D’s 4th grade teacher

 “There are Christians who talk the talk and Christians who walk the walk.  Donna I. Douglas does both.  Blessed with a multitude of talents from television and record production to songwriting to public speaking, many folks would use those talents to garner more blessings in their own lives.  Not Donna D.  She uses those God- given talents to strengthen her walk with Christ and take others with her along the way!”

Kathleen Kennedy
Anchor, CNN International